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Fly Star Citizen's Best Ships During Free Fly in the Ship Showdown Event

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Star Citizen has had its share of opinions in its long development, but work continues, and the community can get a chance to jump in for one free week during the latest edition of Ship Showdown. 

If you're unfamiliar with Ship Showdown, it's a monthlong event dedicated to celebrating ship designs, especially the community's favorites. The competition and nominations have been going on throughout September, and things are winding down. Speaking of the community, there are creative contributions to celebrate a favorite ship, including fanart, original songs, videos, and more. And there's also a bracket vote to crown an ultimate favorite. The final four ships have already been decided, and they are the versatile C2 Hercules, the MPUV Cargo merchant ship, the luxurious and sleek 600i Explorer, and the fast courier ship the Mercury Star Runner. It's from these ships that a winner will emerge and the free access allows some test flying for the next week.

This Free Fly begins today, and is on now, and will run through Monday, September 27th. Free Fly lets anyone who isn't currently subscribed, so new players and returning ones, play and fly the top four ships as decided by the community. This access will be open through Monday, and Cloud Imperium will offer discounted starter packs until September 29th if taking popular ships for a test run whets your appetite for more.

The final four ships will come to a vote that lasts through Wednesday and the winning ship will be announced this Thursday, September 23rd. All 16 of the participating ships in the bracket will be available to pledge for active players through September 23rd with the final four available through the end of Free Fly. If you jump in and love the Free Fly ships, they can be yours someday through the end of the event. For more on the event and access, check out the Star Citizen announcement here.


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