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Five Days of Valentine's Fun

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Starting on Friday, February 10th and running through Valentine's Day on the 14th, Fantage players will have a ton of fun with new items, prizes and events to participate in.

Players can take part in several events:

  • Chocolate Fountain: Run through it and get covered with sticky sweetness if wearing a limited edition costume
  • Scavenger Hunt: Seek and find 20 golden hearts
  • Stamp Book: Complete activities to get stamps to fill the book to win a Valentine's Day Medal
  • Prize Booth & Limited Edition Items: 10 new items
  • Finkelstein's V-Day Battle: Players dress up as parfaits and sprinkle one another with toppings. When the contest ends, the team covered in the most of a specific topping wins.
  • Four new chocolatey mini-games

Find out more and/or get started playing on the Fantage site.



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