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First Update of 2022 Coming Next Week to Final Fantasy XI

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After the New Year's letter from Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui promised more news to come soon, now we know the details of the first update of 2022. The update will happen on January 11th.

The actual 20th anniversary is not until May, so most of the real celebrating will happen months down the line, it is a special year.  There won’t be a new Voracious Resurgence update this month, but one looks likely for February, but there are the rotations of monsters and Records of Eminence.

Other system and content tweaks include increasing the Vengeance cap for Odyssey’s Gaol up to +20. This will help with getting your gear up to speed. Ambuscade will feature smilodons to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, alongside new rewards, and setting the map obtainment point for Promyvion. This will make getting the maps easier and more predictable

Key items will get a brand new category as well. When it comes to battle and combat, the changes are the updated rotations and spawn locations, making sure to freshen gameplay on a regular basis. Items get important changes, with new Synthesis recipes added, new items, and adjustments to make the maximum stack of certain items higher in number. There will also be a Porter Moogle to take care of you.

Matsui also touched on an important issue and compensation for the inconvenience and issues that happened back with the November update. An error causing players to lose temporary items they got from the Escha silt. Some players, those who have the Scintillating Rhapsody key from the start of the January maintenance and whose characters are at least 45 days old, will get primeval brews as a compensation item. If you qualify, you’ll have to claim your item before the February update. 

With more story coming in February and getting closer to the anniversary, this older MMORPG still has lots of plans. See the full update notes on Final Fantasy XI


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