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First Phase of New World Alpha Testing Ends, Devs Share Feedback

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The New World alpha has ended after completing its first phase of testing. Amazon developers thanked players for their feedback and said that it like what it saw "though the eyes of thousands of talented and committed gamers" over the testing phase. With the alpha offline, developers will now be adding new content and features based on player feedback before opening another round of testing.

In September, we opened our doors to the public so that we could share what we’ve been working on with a wider audience. New World had a lot of rough edges and we weren’t sure players would embrace what we were striving to create. But, as players started venturing into New World, we started to learn along with them what was working and what wasn’t.

You can check out some interesting statistics by visiting the New World site or clicking the image below.


Suzie Ford

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