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First-Person 'Multiplayer Medieval Hardcore' Game Expedition Agartha Enters Early Access

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The team behind Expedition Agartha calls the game, now available via Early Access on Steam, “a multiplayer medieval hardcore looter survival game”. From the looks of the early access trailer and details on the game, that description is an accurate one and a take we haven’t really seen.

The game is developed by Matrioshka Games, and is intended to be a hardcore multiplayer game where players can to start their expedition and met its many challenges. There are elements of action games and survival games here because you'll decide whether you want to take on those challenges on your own, or if you want to build a team where everyone contributes to looting, crafting, and battle. 

There are two tiers to play the game, with the low risk and low reward Freebooter, letting you enter the game with free load your equipment and not needing to bother with the pesky character progression. However, if you want to refine your journey you'll want to play as a Mercenary, where you will earn your gear, take on quests, and chive character progression.

The game draws inspiration from a number of historically-based warrior cultures and historical happenings in a story that involves different groups trying to find a hidden land located underground somewhere, the Agartha of the title. Combat is first person and it involves a skill-based system.

Matrioshka Games founder Hunter Wu elaborates on the concept and inspirations in a release announcing the Early Access launch. “Atlantis, El Dorado, Shambhala – I super dig these myths, conspiracies, and mysteries from cultures from all over the world, which make references to lost civilizations and ancient magical secrets. There are so many easter eggs and items to discover already, but there’s literally an entire world of ideas left to explore,” he says. 

In addition to historical Warrior cultures, the  first-person game also takes inspiration from other games like Dark Souls or Escape from Tarkov. As you complete quests and challenges, you'll unlock more of the map, important gear, and various secrets.

Expect updates and new features to come. Find out more about Expedition Agartha over at Matrioshka Games.


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