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First of Crash to Desktop Fixes for Elder Scrolls Online Planned for Next Week


Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Have you been experiencing crash to desktop in Elder Scrolls Online? Well it looks like relief may be in sight as early as next week.

To say that this issue isn’t recent would be an understatement. A thread, now 16 pages long as of this writing, was started in November which discusses this crashing issue. Players posted that they experienced hard crashes multiple times in seemingly random scenarios like dungeons, bosses, and more.

The folks over at Zenimax Online Studios have shared that incremental patches are planned for PC and console next week. We’re not sure quite yet what is included in the first of these incremental fixes, nor how many of these fixes will be released in total, but at least we’re getting fixes soon.

In case you missed it, the Gates of Oblivion reveal is scheduled for January 26 next week. If you watch that reveal event, you can receive a free pet. Finally, a Free Trial is currently underway in ESO until January 26. You’ll be able to play the entire base game and full access to all the DLC.


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