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First Major Update Features Unique Karma System

Neilie Johnson Posted:
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German developer Vidiludi announced this week that its survival MMO Immune (now available via Steam's Early Access) is getting a new Karma system that rewards friendly players by making them immune to PvP damage.

Said players gain a singular "saint" status by gaining a high Karma rating, and this rating can easily drop depending on players' actions. Immune takes place after a deadly pandemic. The handful of survivors must do whatever they can to stay alive in a dual PvE/PvP environment.

Features of Immune include:

  • Hunting, planting and scavenging
  • Fending off dangerous mutants
  • Building shelters C
  • Crafting tools
  • Collecting ammunition and weapons

For more information about Immune's Karma system, visit the game's official website.



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