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First Into the Echo Pre-Alpha Set for Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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We still don't know a whole lot about Into the Echo, an upcoming MMORPG from ETLOK Studios,  but the studio has announced that after a new round of funding, pre-alpha will start next week on December 4th and run through December 6th.

For the first round of pre-alpha, There will be just 250 players, but the team promises that additional keys will be coming in batches over the next few months. The premise of the game promises time travel and mysterious events to explore and investigate. Other than a brief teaser released a couple of months ago,  we haven’t seen that much about the game other than its intent to include time travel and that those on the planet Raava need to work together in order to uncover just what's going on with the mysterious happenings. Hopefully with the move to testing phases, this will change soon.

The ETLOK team has stated that they’re working to create an MMORPG that is designed for longevity. They also intend to build a social system that is user-friendly and approachable. Into the Echo’s progression is more of a skill-based system rather than relying solely on raw levels to gate new skills or abilities. They aim to make players feel like they don't all have to chase the same goals in order to have a relevant place in the overall environment, world, or systems. 

On the game’s site, it says that “Whether you choose to master a craft, become a legendary code breaker or actually fight" that  you will make a difference. This is key to the philosophy, and  it's encouraging that the game will finally be in testing phases so players can get a taste of how this all actually comes together.

Since invites will go out in waves,  you can sign up over at the Into the Echo site if you're interested in future testing.


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