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Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com's Joe Iuliani conducts this Q&A interview with the folks from Football Superstars, the upcoming Soccer-based MMORPG.


Sport Games have traditionally been a console game staple, how do you think a PC sports game will fair?

Football Superstars:

Rather well from what I've seen! PC versions have always played second fiddle to their console brethren for the big guns in football gaming and you often get the impression they're little more than an afterthought from the way they play. Football Superstars however is a game that's been developed solely with the PC in mind.

The big difference between the formats is control systems. Obviously gamepads have got a monopoly on the home consoles and so we've had umpteen years to get used to blistering our thumbs with D-pad and button controls. The keyboard and mouse system used in Football Superstars is a real sea change and a lot of players who've been brought up on FIFA and PES approach it with apprehension at first. We take no small amount of pleasure in seeing that moment when it all falls into place and they realise exactly why we've taken the approach we have.

Console football games employ a certain amount of creative license when interpreting the player's inputs. When you're through on goal in FIFA you'll give the game an inkling of where you want to put your shot but ultimately it's out of your hands. Ever thought you'd set up a perfectly placed dink into the top corner and seen it blasted 15 feet over the bar?

FS employs a control system that will be familiar to anyone who's played a first or third person shooter. W, A, S, and D control your movement, shift is sprint, spacebar is pass, and left click is shoot (this being the short and sweet explanation, obviously). Using the mouse you can choose precisely where you want the ball to go, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your actions. It will sound unusual and unintuitive until you've actually sat down and had a go, but it's remarkable how quickly players get the hang of it and find themselves performing defence-splitting passes and crunching tackles without a second thought.

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