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First Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons Beta Now Live

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The first beta for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion, End of Dragons, is now live. the beta itself will run through August 21st and let players get a first in-game glimpse at three new specializations coming with the new expansion itself.

The MMORPG's beta will let players dive headlong into three of the new elite specializations coming in End of Dragons: the new Willbender, Harbinger and Virtuoso. The new specializations have been detailed previously, bringing new gameplay opportunities for those who choose to lean into the new elite specializations when End of Dragons releases next year. 

Late last week Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet took an in-depth look at the gameplay players can expect in the beta test this week, showing off the new specializations in action as well. You can check out that in the embed below. Grabbing the beta will see players able to create up to three level 80 characters to check out the new specializations themselves easily. 

The beta test, which runs until August 21st, is available to all accounts, including free-to-play players. This won't be the only beta test as well, as a second has already been scheduled for September 21st-25th, while a third is on the books for October 26th-30th. 


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