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First Guild Wars 2 WvW Beta Scrapped After a Brief, But Rough Start

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The Guild Wars 2 WvW restructuring beta has come to a very quick end due to reported issues with players unable to get in and being redirected to entirely wrong matchups. The beta began today at the end of a week that featured other updates and betas, and since it's a significant move with regards to the future of WvW, it was intended to last  for a little while to produce initial feedback that would determine the next moves.

The beta was halted around 2pm PT with an announcement that "We've encountered a number of issues with the initial beta of World Restructuring and we've decided that our best course of action is to revert back to the World Linking system while we address those problems. We're going to cycle the WvW maps (forcing players out), send players back to their original worlds, and then bring WvW back up. Map state (score, objective ownership) will remain the same."

In other words, everything about the beta has been halted and the team does seem to have had at least some important feedback and test data to consider, given the issues that have forced the change in plans.

The next WvW beta will happen "in a few weeks," according to the update on the rollback. So it seems that attempts at fixing the issues in order to continue as planned didn't come together. The team also promises there will be a detailed assessment of the issues that happened today. The forum thread about scrapping the current test also has some info from players on issues they encountered, including lengthy queues, incorrect placements, multiple instances, and other bugs.

With the WvW restructuring process already intended to be a gradual one full of testing, feedback, and a careful eye on the progression of changes, halting the beta does make sense. The silver lining for Guild Wars 2 players who already love WvW? The previously announced WvW bonus to coincide with the beta dates will still be awarded though October 1st.


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