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First Capsuleer To Explore All EVE Online Systems Awarded World Record

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Katie Sae, a member of the Signal Cartel and the capsuleer who first explored all reachable systems in EVE Online without a single combat loss was awarded a world record due to this enormous accomplishment.

Awarded by Guinness World Records, Katia Sae's achievement is monumental as it took her to over seven thousand separate star systems, with the while journey lasting about 9 years. What makes this even more insane is how easily that could have not been the case, as capsuleers are ruthless about picking off players in low and nullsec space. 

CCP Games celebrated this massive achievement by building a monument in game to commemorate her journey. Katia, on her part, documented the entirety of her journey in a blog. It's definitely worth a read, so go check it out!


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