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Firesong, The Elder Scrolls Online's Final Legacy of the Bretons Story DLC, To Be Revealed Friday

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With Lost Depths now out on all platforms, it’s time for ZeniMax to turn attention to the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, Firesong.

The team will unveil more about the new story DLC, which continues exploring the Legacy of the Bretons, this Friday on the weekly ESO Live stream. In the announcement regarding the stream and the new DLC title, there were some new details about what we can expect when the ESO team reveals more this week.

Firesong will be a story DLC, following Lost Depths, which peripherally featured some new lore and story, but was mostly dungeon-focused. Another hint in the announcement as to some of what we might see is in this: “If you’re eager to get a first look into the world of Tamriel’s druids and their mysteries, or you’re ready to complete your exploration of the Systres Archipelago, don’t miss this show!”

With some of the key characters in the content released this year seemingly going to fit in that description, more details should be enticing to anyone looking forward to completing this plot.

This is the final release in the Legacy of the Bretons saga, so expect things to be big. When the team reveals more info on Friday, it will be spoiler-free, but they say they'll go into characters, settings, and storylines in this new DLC that will wrap the year-long plot. 

The team will also unveil what changes we can expect for the base game in Update 36.  the announcement didn't hint much as to what's coming except for new features and changes, but expect more on Friday.

The stream will begin on Friday at 2:30 PM Eastern over at the Bethesda Twitch channel, and will feature Twitch Drops. 

Read the full announcement regarding the stream and its features over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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