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Firesky Comments on Elggren's Departure

Jon Wood Posted:
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On May 12th, news broke that Studio Head Dan Elggren would be leaving Firesky, the company making Stargate Worlds. Today, MMORPG.com has received comment from the company about the issue.

On May 12th, TenTonHammer reported that Dan Elggren, the Studio head at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (Firesky) and one of the leading developers of Stargate Worlds, had left the company.

They gleaned this announcement from a personal blog posted by Elggren's wife where she wrote that her husband was leaving the company. In it she wrote that "Over 100 employees have left since October, so Dan felt he was as loyal as he possibly could be considering that he was basically volunteering for work and not getting paid! It's such a shame, because the game he's been working on for over three years was within several months of being ready to ship!"

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Jon Wood