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Fir Bogs Added to Camelot Unchained Experimental Patcher

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Fir Bogs have been enabled in the Camelot Unchained patcher, plus more from February’s Top Tenish.

You’ll be able to create Fir Bogs in the character creator as part of the experimental patcher on Hatchery. Mark Jacobs notes that this means that the team is “one step closer” to concluding their trio of giant classes.

Fir Bogs are similar to Golems in that they’ll have their own racial and siege abilities. These siege abilities are more or less shared between the three giant races. However, they differ in the damage type for their casks.

Additionally, Fir Bogs will grow as time progresses, similar to Golems. This advancement in age is part of their daily progression report. In the case of Fir Bogs, you’ll also see them physically grow as they age. The update also touches on the siege abilities for Fir Bogs.

Also mentioned in the Top Tenish update for February are updates on the graphics, lighting, and fog, in addition to several bug fixes. If you missed the 90-day plan, you can catch up here.


Poorna Shankar