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Find Vorkath and Dive into New Lore in RuneScape's Requiem for a Dragon Quest

Search for an undead dragon, unlock new Necromancy options

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today, RuneScape opens up a new chapter with the arrival of the new Requiem for a Dragon quest. This formally ends the Fort Forthinry storyline and sends you in search of the wounded dragon, Vorkath.

For those up to date, Vorkath was wounded in the Zemouregal & Vorkath boss encounter during Battle of Forthinry, after Zamouregal raised the dragon from the dead. After facing both of them at the fort, Vorkath flies away. 

Members who’ve completed that battle can now dive into the latest quest and pursue the wounded undead dragon that flew off into Gielinor. The new chapter might start out with a simple goal, but expands into a wider adventure, new mysteries, and more, featuring both new and returning characters. The quest looks to expand Necromancy even further, open up the next chapter and new storyline direction, and as the team says in their announcement, 

This quest will take you to the frozen island of Ungael, and if you can brave the cold and explore, you may be able to solve some mysteries and uncover secrets the island offers. Even in the frozen terrain, don’t expect to be alone, and the quest announcement (and the dev video) teases some not unexpected opposition:

“Return to Ungael to uncover more about the dark secrets of Vorkath's creation. It's time to deepen your understanding of ancient Necromancy, but don't let your guard down - you're not the only one interested in power….”

Continue on and explore and somewhere in the Frozen Cliffs there is a brand new necromancy Ritual site that you can use. This site will work differently than the ritual sites you're used to, with ritual components and disturbances lasting longer, but no Vessel Soul generation and less experience overall. There are new rewards for your trouble.

Damage enemies with Zorgoth’s Ring, a new necromancy combat ring. Complete rituals at the ritual site once you discover it to empower the ring, unlock a new title, and even get a new Ungael teleport spell. 

There are more rewards and mysteries to unlock, and also a dragon to find. 


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