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Final Fixes for Console Versions & New Summer Event

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The APB Reloaded team is thanking the community for its patience with the recent focus on getting PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions of the game up to snuff, a feat that required most of the resources of the limited development team. But patience pays off and there is a new summer event incoming. It is as-yet unnamed event will be a work in progress with a lot of feedback being solicited from the community.

The event will be based on past events including the Headless Horseman's Army and survival modes such as those found in H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Depending on the event's success, it may become a permanent addition to the game.

Requires at least (10) people in the district. After this, the survival event starts at the end of a (5 minute) timer. During this count-down new players can join the district until the timer hits 0. If at any point (70 players) enter the district it will be considered “full” and the timer will drop to (30 seconds) for immediate match countdown and start.

Other news from the team:

  • Innova's world has been separated from the other EU worlds due to the introduction of weapons Gamers First doesn't feel are compatible with their vision
  • Contagion Event introduced a new weapon

You can check out more of the details on the APB Reloaded site.


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