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Final Fantasy XVI DLC, The Rising Tide, is Out, Promising New Endgame Content and Leviathan Battle

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Final Fantasy XVI’s second (and final) paid DLC, The Rising Tide is out today on PlayStation 5. There’s also a free update for the base game, and some bonuses for getting the DLC or Expansion Pass.

In The Rising Tide, Clive gets an all-new story, new battles, even more sidequests, and more to enhance his journey before the conclusion of Final Fantasy XVI. The DLC also adds new weapons and accessories, raises the level cap, and also opens a brand new area. Head to the mysterious land of Mysidia, where Clive can gain Eikonic abilities and battle the legendary water Eikon, Leviathan the Lost. Battling Leviathan the Lost is an integral part of the marketing for the DLC so that isn’t even exactly  a spoiler.

The new DLC also adds new endgame content, the Kairos Gate, which offers 20 stages of ranked battles against oncoming enemy waves.  This 'hidden endgame' is now there for the challenging.

The free update for the base game, 1.31, adds a number of quality of life improvements, including a new quick complete function that lets you return to a quest giver right away to complete quests. There's a new skill set feature that will let you save up to five sets of Feats and Abilities for faster access. Abilities and accessories also got some tweaks to make them easier to use. 

In addition to those improvements, there's a new custom controller type that lets you remap and customize your button layouts, new additions to Photo Mode that let you adjust tone correction, tweak screen effects, and more. The update also adds a few new orchestrion rolls. 

With the release of The Rising Tide, there are some bonuses for purchasing it, or the Expansion Pass that also gets you the first DLC, Echoes of the Fallen. Final Fantasy XIV players should enjoy the reimagined Curtana weapon and “Torn from the Heavens” and “Through the Maelstrom” orchestrion rolls. Both games had a recent crossover that featured good boy Torgal as a brand new pet and mount.


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