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Final Fantasy XVI Demo is Out for PlayStation 5 and Will Save Your Progress for Launch

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Final Fantasy XVI will be out on June 22nd,  and if you’re an undecided PlayStation 5 owner,  there's  a new demo available to download now.

The new demo was announced at a pre-launch celebration in Los Angeles yesterday, which was a community event with fans and guests marking the upcoming launch with announcements, panels, and a number of other activities. There’s a video you can watch of the live stream, including Yoshida's Producer's Keynote, and recaps of the live events as well.

Producer Naoki Yoshida announced the demo at the event, and it’s available now via the PlayStation store on PS5. If you download the demo and play through the opening prologue, your progress will save and carry over to the full game when it launches. This taste of the action serves as a small head start. 

In the demo, you play as Clive Rosfield at the start of his journey. Clive is front and center in all of the marketing and trailers, so you will get to learn a little bit about him and his goals and see the tragic event that sends him on his ultimate epic journey. 

You’ve likely seen the “Revenge” trailer, for instance, and you know that Clive comes back from those events with different goals and motivations. The team has shown there's change in both Clive and in the world, amidst a backdrop of political intrigue, and a desire for power. Complete the prologue and you'll get a special battle demo which will let you play Clive with a number of abilities unlocked so you'll be able to test out attacks and combos and get a feel for the fast-paced action combat in Final Fantasy XVI.

As part of the event, two new videos were released. One is a brand new trailer titled “Ascension”, full of action and a peek at the story conflict and Clive’s return. That title comes captioned with “ When everything is taken away - do you run, do you fight, or do you ascend?”

The second is a version of that Requiem trailer done in live action.

For more, head to Final Fantasy XVI.


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