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Final Fantasy XIV's Lodestone Peeks at the Blue Mage

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Tomorrow's a huge day for Final Fantasy XIV players as the Blue Mage finally arrives. In order to provide fans with a bit of a preview of the awesomeness that is the Blue Mage, the Lodestone has been updated with a brand new developer diary showcasing some of the spells Blue Mages will have access to as well as a peek at the Masked Carnivale duty that will be "exclusive to blue mages".

Blue mage is classified as a Discipline of Magic, so you'll be able to equip equipment and role actions for ranged magic DPS. However, unlike other jobs, a blue mage's weapons do not have any main attributes that enhance their base stats. Instead blue mages will be able to output higher magic damage than other jobs by stacking up on intelligence points, so it'll be important to prepare your gear and accessories with this in mind.

Blue mage is a very strong, fun job to play with various effects available that can only be achieved with blue magic spells. While blue mage cannot be use the matching system to match with other players, it's still possible to do certain content with pre-made parties. Jump in with a party full of blue mages to see what happens!

Check out the full post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

Will you be playing a Blue Mage?


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