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Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker Delay Shuffles Schedule a Bit, Extending Moogle Treasure Event

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With Final Fantasy IV’s Endwalker expansion delayed by two weeks, a few other schedules are shifting in response. There’s some good news for treasure hunters and those who want a little more time to prepare for the overhauls coming in update 6.0 and all the promising major content in the expansion itself.

With the release delayed to December 7th, the head start will now begin on Friday, December 3, 2021. Expect update 6.0 that day and update 6.01 on December 21st. Subsequent update 6.05 willnow go live on January 4, 2022. things are getting moved around and pushed back a little bit.

The Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Lore was supposed to be available until the beginning of patch 6.0. This will still be the case, so it means they’ll stay in town with their treasure a bit longer. So this event has been extended with the delay, giving you time to collect more rewards from the Moogles and gearing up .

The seasonal event All Saints’ Week is also getting pushed back into late January.. The Starlight Celebration and Heavensturn  will happen at their usual scheduled times. More details on those events are coming soon.

The Adventure Jump Start sale in the shop will, however,  not be extended as a result of the Endwalker delay. Those discounts will disappear from the shop on the originally scheduled date of November 19th.

Endwalker’s new release does shuffle some of the schedule and will take a little adjustment from the community, but with only a two week delay, there’s time to catch up with events and character progress in the meantime. This means some more time in the community and making other kinds of progress with your characters while you wait for the next huge update that is ahead. Just a little later than we expected. 

For the new schedule, see this official update.


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