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Final Fantasy XIV's 6.05 Patch Brings New Savage Raid, Armor And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Patch 6.05 of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker dropped this morning, bringing with it the new savage raid dungeon, Pandæmonium: Asphodelos to the MMO, as well as new armor, housing furnishings and more.

The centerpiece of Patch 6.05 is the new savage Pandæmonium raid. Players can jump into the savage tier via the Raid Finder, though you'll need to be level 90 in order to take part, as well as completed the "Who Wards the Warders" quest. Also being added are Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, which can be used to purchase new items in Endwalker.

In addition to the new savage raid tier for the Endwalker endgame, new recipes, armor items, and more have been added with this patch. Additionally, many jobs have been rebalanced, including the new Repear class seeing some of its Arcane Crest potency reduced. For housing enthusiasts, new furnishings, such as a new clock tower for your yard or a cute little centerpiece complete with a lazy frog to adorn your humble abode.

You can check out the full notes on the Final Fantasy XIV website. We recently finished up our romp through Endwalker, with our reviewer praising the team at Square Enix for its culmination of story telling over almost a decade paying off in the latest expansion. While the storyline of Endwalker initially wraps up the tale being told since A Realm Reborn, that isn't the end of Final Fantasy XIV, with executive producer Naoki Yoshida stating that the team is planning ten more years at least of the MMO.


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