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Final Fantasy XIV Won't Demolish Your House Just Yet After All

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix recently put the game back on sale following pulling it due to the server congestion after Endwalker was released, and the free trial was even back as of last week. With potential cooling off of demand, they announced  the intent to resume housing auto-demolition counters on March 9th. However, today they announced that automatic housing demolition won’t resume just yet, with no new date.

If you are one of the lucky ones who was able to secure property in Final Fantasy XIV, you can still do things to protect it. If you haven't set foot in your home since the suspension was announced in early December, you’ll want to do that to make sure whenever they do resume countdowns, that yours will reset completely.

The point of auto demolition is to simply make more room for players to have a shot at landing housing options. With such busy servers and so many players registered, it makes sense that sometimes you need to make a little room by freeing up idle resources.

With continued server congestion in varying degrees and subsequent updates, along with a roadmap for the next several big updates released recently, Final Fantasy XIV is sustaining most of its audience.

Recently, Square Enix opened an Oceania server region with 8 new servers, and some of the existing servers were released from full status, but it's still a busy game and it seems that those who might have seen their housing countdown in play next week can breathe a little easier as they get a reprieve. There is no estimate for when it will resume, so if you have been hitting queues and haven’t been able to get in regularly, you should be safe for now. 

See the announcement at Final Fantasy XIV.


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