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Final Fantasy XIV Will Get Massive Graphics Overhaul, as Naoki Yoshida Outlines Updates Up to 7.0

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With the latest Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Letter broadcast, Naoki Yoshida highlighted the plans for the game from the upcoming update 6.1 through the 6.5 series, as well as intentions of support for the next 10 years. Announcements included additions to make some elements of the game easier to solo, new upcoming features, and a huge graphical overhaul beginning with the next expansion. The free trial, which was suspended after the massive queues and instability that Endwalker’s release brought, is also coming back tomorrow.

This is the biggest broadcast in a while since it covers several major goals. In update 6.1, coming in April, the Trust system will begin to be expanded over time. The Trust system will begin to be added to the main scenario dungeons of A Realm Reborn with continued updates to come. This lets the player take on dungeons with a group of NPCs, allowing solo players to still enjoy dungeon content. Additionally, FFXIV will also see several low level scenario duties also adjusted to be able to play them solo.

Of course, the fact that the game will be getting a major graphical overhaul is huge. This will be the first major graphical update and the first steps of this will arrive with the next expansion. This will affect character visuals, and many elements of the world, adding higher resolution textures, better lighting and shadows, and all around better graphics. This effort to modernize the game will cover pretty much everything when it’s all in place. With a decade already of loyal community support, they are definitely solidifying longer-term goals.

Yoshida mentioned that there’s still a lot of unannounced content but they wanted to give everyone a general roadmap of what to expect over the next several updates. Beginning with 6.1, there will be a new main scenario quest line, some new PVP like the Crystalline Conflict, a new ultimate duty, new calling card style UI, housing, new Trials, and the mentioned Trust support update.

The update 6.2 series will include extended Trust support for additional main scenario dungeons, weapon enhancements, a new Criterion dungeon suitable for 1-4 players, the debut of Island Sanctuary and more. Update 6.3 series will continue extending the Trust system up to Heavensward, and additional updates. 6.4 and 6.5 will continue extending main scenario dungeon trust system the conclusions of Pandaemonium, Trials, and additional area for Island Sanctuary, as well as more Criterion dungeons.

It’s clear from the scope of the upcoming series of updates that Square Enix is looking long-term for Final Fantasy XIV and looking to set it up for the next decade.


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