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Final Fantasy XIV Will Come To PlayStation 5 In April Via An Open Beta

PS4 owners will receive version at no extra charge

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For those lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 as well as play Final Fantasy XIV, the next version of the MMO will be coming to Sony's new platform this April in the form of an open beta, as announced during tonight's showcase.

The beta will start on April 13th, and the team at Square Enix is eager to tout the upgraded version's features made possible because of the power of the PlayStation 5, including:

  • 4K resolution
  • Improved framerates over the original PlayStation 4 version
  • Improved loading times

Additionally, Final Fantasy XIV PS4 owners won't need to worry about upgrading, either. For those with a PS4 license of the MMO, the PlayStation 5 version will be added as a free upgrade, though you'll still need an active subscription to play the MMO.

The next expansion of Final Fantast XIVEndwalker will be coming later this year in Fall 2021. The new expansion concludes the current story arcs that started with FFXIV: A World Reborn. Endwalker will also see two new classes, including the newly announced healer class - the Sage.


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