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Final Fantasy XIV Update Adds New Quests, a New Raid, Items, and Fixes Multiple Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Final Fantasy XIV got a new update with the maintenance overnight and the changes include re-enabling character name changes, adding Chronicles of a New Era quests, quest adjustments to enable better difficulty balance, and adding a brand new raid dungeon: Pandaemonium Asphodelos.

This is the first major patch since Endwalker’s final release, and it includes a whole lot of fixes to address bugs that include NPC irregularities, quest errors, UI and sound fixes, and more. Overall, this is a repair patch that also adds new content and it’s just the first that we can expect coming along fairly soon. 

Some of the items added in this update are not yet obtainable, like weapons and trophies. In fact, the patch notes advise that some of these won’t be able to be unlocked until update 6.05. Since this is update 6.01, there is still some time ahead to wait for these, but it seems the path is roughly set with the updates to come.

The new raid is going to attract lots of players who’ve reached level 90+ and have an item average score of 565 or above. This eight-person raid can be unlocked and queued for in groups or solo. Unlocking it requires completion of Chronicles of a New Era: “The Crystal From Beyond”. This quest, along with several others in the category have been added in this update as well. 

The “In the Cold” quest has gotten some adjustments on easy or very easy difficulty, with tweaks to make it simpler to complete. Indomitable Spirit status effects last longer, the number of duty action uses has been increased, and items required to progress have been made easier to find. 

The update lets Square Enix reopen the character renaming option even if a server is under heavy congestion. It just won’t let you use the name generator in that state. 

For the full notes, including all of the bugs fixed by this patch, head over here to Final Fantasy XIV.


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