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Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.3 is Packed With Tons of New Content, and New Housing Wards

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV gets new housing wards, a new dungeon, new Alliance Raid, and of course, lots of new quest content in the latest update, 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble. 

It’s a big update to kick off the new year, with a series of new main scenario quests, side quests, including Tales of Newfound Adventure and Tataru’s Grand Endeavour, expanded Duty Support content, and much more. 

The update also brings new housing wards for all residential areas in the game, which adds up to 1,800 new plots per world. Of course, this means there’s a housing lottery happening very soon. The entry period begins on Sunday, January 15th, at 7 AM PST, and will vary slightly on some worlds. Those affected servers, which include all that run from the Dynamis and Materia Data Centers, and a few others, will reserve five wards for distribution at a later time. All of the other servers will have all 30 wards available for entry, with distribution split among Free Companies and private buyers. There’s more info on distribution in the special housing update here.

The patch also brings the first significant changes and updates to Island Sanctuary. They include new sanctuary ranks, new items, extended gathering range, new produce, and of course, new animals. Of course, the new animals are probably most people’s highlight, but the feature also gets some quality of life updates, including a way to make room for a new animal when your sanctuary is full, while automatically collecting its leavings, and new filters for the supply and demand menu.

This is a packed update. The new 24-player Alliance Raid, Myths of the Realm, Part 2: Euphrosyne, arrives, along with a new 8-player Trial in normal and extreme difficulties. Both the Trial and new raid are unspoiled in the patch notes. Then there’s the new dungeon, Lapis Manalis. This is for four players, but you have the option to enter it with Duty Support NPCs as well if you need to fill a party.

For more on the huge update that is 6.3, read the full patch notes at Final Fantasy XIV.


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