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Final Fantasy XIV Team Recaps PAX East 2020

Giveaways, new player experience, more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Square Enix has posted a recap of Final Fantasy XIV’s presence at PAX East in a new blog.

The post touches on the booth which contained giveaway items, the Ruby Weapon Battle challenge, and the New Player Experience. It also housed a photo op with he Shadowbringers weapon props. It also featured their special guest, Namazu.

The team gave away FFXIV-themed scarves this year which makes sense since PAX East is in Boston and, as a Bostonian, Boston is cold in March. Lanyards were also part of the giveaway. The photo op was against a backdrop of the Crystarium aetheryte. This could be taken with any of the Shadowbringers props, including the Shadowbringer great sword, the Lion Heart gunblade, and Y'sthola's staff, Nightseeker.

They shared info about the battle challenge series as well,

“The ever-popular battle challenge series continued at PAX East with the Ruby Weapon making its terrifying debut! Attendees were quick to line up and challenge the fearsome foe. Veterans and newcomers alike (with some strong guidance from staff) were able to defeat the fearsome foe and earn their rewards!”

And in case you missed it, check out the art of FFXIV stream, which you can watch below.


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