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Final Fantasy XIV Starts New Housing Lottery After Fixing Glitches that Plagued April Lottery

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Following last month's glitches plaguing the new housing lottery system, after some fixes and  changes to the system, Final Fantasy XIV is holding its next housing lottery starting today. 

The housing lottery data should now be working properly with the server and the lottery will be open for the next five days. Since this is a nine-day process, following the winners being drawn, everyone who is selected will have four days to finalize any purchases. 

This housing lottery comes after the one that was held after the launch of update 6.1 was plagued by a series of glitches. Some players were informed that they had won and their bids were accepted, which meant they were clear to finalize the purchase. Some players were having their bids returned with a glitch that sent them a notice that the winning lottery number was zero. Some of them had their bids returned even though some of those players had also won. 

After a series of Investigations, the team needed to learn how to reproduce the issue, fix the errors, verify those fixes would hold, and finally restore all the lottery data to the server. This was done back on May 16th and the new date announced afterwards. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida kept the community informed of progress on the fixes and testing, and the new lottery date was recently cleared.

Since all housing sales from now on are supposed to be handled by lottery, and because last month’s lottery was an important one. It represented the first ever lottery for both the new Empyreum area and the new servers that formed as part of the Oceania Data center.

Anyone who hadn't yet purchased their housing plots via a winning bid in the last lottery had until today to make that claim.

For more, see the housing lottery update at Final Fantasy XIV.


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