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Final Fantasy XIV Season 18 'The Feast' Starts February 2

Tons of rules and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Season 18 “The Feast” will kick off on February 2 in Final Fantasy XIV alongside Patch 5.45. Here are some details.

The full details on The Feast are extensive to say the least. The rules discuss rules, PvP ratings, tiers, promotion qualifers, Seasons in general, carry-over, and much more. The info on PvP ratings specifically are of notable import. Here’s how they factor in:

“A player's PvP rating is a value that represents their relative skill compared to other participants of the Feast. PvP ratings will only be affected by ranked matches, increasing with each match won and decreasing with each match lost by the player. Should any of these matches result in a tie, PvP ratings will remain unaffected.

Duty Finder will match participants based upon their PvP ratings. To prevent any large disparities between teams from occurring, players will be distributed so the average rating of both sides will be equal.”


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