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Final Fantasy XIV 'Rising' Event Starts Today

Help with festivities, earn rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers’ latest event, dubbed The Rising, is set to start today.

The event will run through Monday, September 14 at 7:59a PDT. If you want to take part in the event, be sure to talk to J'behn Tia in Ul'dah, located at X:10.3 Y:8.3 if you’d like exact coordinates. The quest is called Art of Glass, and you’ll be helping good old J'behn Tia. It looks like J’behn’s exhibition of stained glass art requires some volunteer assistance make sure the Rising festival runs smoothly.

For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with various items. These include a wall-mounted furnhising, and a Wind-up Ardbert minion. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to purchase a whole bunch of festival items by talking to the Rising Vendor in Ul’dah.

Square Enix even provides a short tease at the end of the post stating,

“Since this is the Rising event, wonder if we'll get to see that certain someone again...”

Speaking of events, the Yo-Kai Gathering event is currently underway until the release of Patch 5.4. you can catch up on the details of that event right here.


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