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Final Fantasy XIV Releases Some Details on Upcoming HQ Item Removal

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Final Fantasy XIV is doing a lot right now. Between preparing to launch a new expansion, Endwalker,  soon, dealing with server issues, and now, there are details on the coming end of HQ items and changes to gathering on the way.

The upcoming update 6.0 will get rid of HQ items and the need to gather HQ materials. Leaving the game are HQ crafting materials you gather by fishing, mining, or botany, dropped by enemies, and those you get through tomestone and scrip exchange. Also going away are HQ materials obtained via other means. 

However, the changes don't apply to equipment and crafted items (including iron ingots and other intermediary materials), and these will continue to be available.

When update 6.0 arrives, the game will also usher in a new way that crafting and gathering will work and be adjusted. Of course, getting rid of HQ materials means that quests that require gathering those materials or offer them as rewards will be reworked. 

Your HQ items and materials won't just disappear right away though. But you'll have to consider some changes. The discontinued items won't give you any bonuses or special qualities that were there when HQ items were functional. You won’t be able to sell these items either. If you have placed any HQ materials or items on the market that will be unobtainable after the patch hits, you'll also have to manually remove them or adjust their quality to NQ in order for anyone to be able to buy them. 

With these changes, Final Fantasy XIV will simplify gathering and reduce inventory strain. If you're someone whose inventory is always full, you'll be able to appreciate this change. There will be a lot more detail coming in the scheduled Live Letter on November 5th, all tuned to Endwalker.


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