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Final Fantasy XIV Previews Patch 6.45, With Blue Mage Changes, New Dungeons, and Quests

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Final Fantasy XIV is getting its next update, Patch 6.45, next Tuesday. Ahead of the release, the minisite for The Dark Throne, the 6.4 series, got a special update with new images and new details. The blue mage update is almost here! 

The Dark Throne originally released in late May, and brought new story, a new region, and much more. Now, looking ahead to 6.45, there's a new Variant Dungeon on the way, Mount Rokkon, along with a new Criterion dungeon, Another Mount Rokkon (normal and Savage). 

The long-awaited big blue mage update is coming. Not only will there be a higher level cap, 80, new job quests, and blue magic spells, the blue mage logs will also get 5.x patch content. So if you've been waiting for the blue mage changes, it seems like the update will be packed with things to discover.

Get ready for some more Manderville Weapons and Splendorous Tools quests for weapon and tool enhancement. 

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures will continue once 6.45 arrives, with a series of new sidequests to take on. If you have already been following these side quests you might know that there have been aliens and Hildibrand has a clone, but he and his crew will continue their investigations when 6.45 is live. If you haven't been doing these side quests, then none of the above will make any sense, but you can always start from the beginning.

The minisite preview also has a number of new screenshots from the update, including the Hildibrand questline,  but also the Variant and Criterion dungeon rewards, and even some art of blue mage gear. 

The update is set to go live on Tuesday, July 18th, and you can head to the Final Fantasy XIV:  The Dark Throne minisite to whet your appetite for all things new.


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