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Final Fantasy XIV Previews Patch 5.4 Futures Rewritten With New Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV revealed more information about its upcoming patch, 5.4, title "Futures Rewritten." The team also dropped a new trailer today for the venerable MMORPG's next content patch.

Thanks to the latest installment of FFXIV's Letter from the Producer LIVE stream, the next patch is hitting on December 8th and with it comes a bevy of new content and stroy to dive into. The patch brings a ton of changes to Blue Mage, including new spells, a new level cap of 70, as well as all-new Blue Mage job-sepcific quests and gear to do. 

Additionally, the new patch will bring with it a bevy of scenario quests to continue the Shadowbringers storyline, as well as a new 8-player raid series: Eden's Promise. Patch 5.4 also brings with it a new boss fight designed by Kingdom Hearts director Tesuya Nomura, both on normal and savage difficulties. 

Patch 5.4 also brings with it  a new Trial, Castrum Marinum, an Unreal Trial called The Navel which sees a powered-up version of Titan for level 80 players to challenge and earn unique prizes. 

For those in-game photographers, the team at FFXIV is adding an "Explorer Mode," which will let you traverse dungeons to take screenshots without fear of being interrupted by those pesky monsters. Players can also use mounts and minions within the dungeons to help make their screenshots more memorable.

There is a ton of stuff (playable violins!), so if you're looking for the full details, head over to the Patch 5.4  site, as well as checking out the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter feed for a recap of the producer's livestream. Patch 5.4 hits on December 8th, so we've all got just a little under two weeks to get caught up if you're like me and woefully behind on Shadowbringers content. We'll be sure to have a deeper dive into the patch once it goes live next month.


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