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Final Fantasy XIV Previews 6.3x, Will Add More Quests, Dungeons, and New Housing Wards

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The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream has revealed details about what to expect from patch 6.3x, which is currently looking at a January release. 

There will be new main story quests and a brand new dungeon added, along with a new Trial in standard and extreme. Coming in the update will be a new Ultimate launching a couple of weeks after the patch. 

Final Fantasy XIV will also be opening up new housing wards per area. These will continue to be distributed via the lottery system that all housing was changed to use. There aren’t details on what the breakdown will be, but new housing in FFXIV is always going to be in demand.

Other content includes a new Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid called Euphrosyne, and a new Unreal Trial. There’s also a new Treasure Map dungeon, The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon, which will be accessible through portals from Elpis maps.

There’s more side quest content, with Tataru’s Grand Endeavour continuing in the update,, along with Tales of Newfound Adventure side quests. Additional quest content opens up in 6.32 with Loporrits crafter tribal quests, and more from the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures line. There will also be a second part to the Manderville weapons questline in 6.35.

The presentation was concerned with several different patches coming in the 6.3 line, so it all won't hit at the same time, but what's taking shape is what to expect over the next several months, with a ton of quest content, including those side quests. 

Duty Support will also get more Heavensward content. PvP series 2 will begin with 6.3, so there’s still time to play for goodies until then. 

Also announced several changes and additions to Island Sanctuary, including structures, new animals, URI, and the requested option to collect all available crops at once. Expect most of the island Sanctuary update in 6.4.

For more, see this post from the community, or you can watch the full stream to see what’s coming (with Japanese audio).  


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