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Final Fantasy XIV Policy Update Adds Stalking and Harassment Rules and Targets RMTs

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There's a new update to the Final Fantasy XIV account policy intended to make things safer for players. The changes include update to the party finder regarding RMT transactions and promotion, As well as “communication related conflicts”, in this case including stalking and what they call “improper following” as well as other behaviors detrimental to a player's experience to downright harassment.

When it comes to MMORPGs, the community and overall environment are extremely important to a game's success as well as, in many cases, the ability for players to enjoy what's going on around them. Sometimes things get very difficult and the new rules against stalking, for instance include when players are “persistently moving to locations where someone is, despite being asked to stop the behavior”. In addition, this includes things like sending messages despite being asked to stop, ambushing someone at their house or destination after being asked to stop, or creating a new character to contact someone who blacklisted you. Essentially if people ask you to leave them alone, you need to do that.

The other major change to the agreement includes the topic of real money trading ( RMT), Which is just what it means (and familiar to most of us), selling accounts, gil, characters, or items for real money. These rule changes don't just include actually making a transaction, but also those who advertise or help promote such transactions. 

The changes are in response to seeing fraudulent listings and RMT transactions in the party finder, clarifying what behaviors can get your account banned or penalized. So this change is also intended to keep players safe in a different way, considering that sometimes third-party apps or transactions can lead to data theft and sometimes identity theft as well.

For the full changes and to read the full changes with examples and context, see the update on the Final Fantasy XIV site.


Christina Gonzalez

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