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Final Fantasy XIV Plans On More Housing Plots, Housing Servers in Patch 5.4

Real Estate Market In Eorzea Is Expanding...

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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On the official site, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida talked about some of the upcoming content in patch 5.4, including plans for new housing for players.

In the new letter, Yoshida specifically calls out the housing shortage that has plagued Final Fantasy XIV, especially now that players are flowing into the MMORPG due to the new trial being expanded. Yoshida mentions that while automatic housing demolition was suspended due to COVID-19, a by product of this has caused housing to become scarce.

That said, automatic housing demolition has been suspended due to the spread of COVID-19 (also known as “novel coronavirus”) and the economic effects of various cities going into lock-down, which has caused housing to become increasingly scarce as the player population continues to climb.

As such, Yoshida says the team is spinning up new servers, but work on getting them live is slow going due to the pandemic. However, the team is committed to improving existing Final Fantasy XIV data centers to add new plots for home owners. Additionally, the team is optimizing the current servers to allow for more plots by the release of patch 5.4. 

Recently, Victoria wrote about the housing market in Final Fantasy XIV, specifically why players should look into renting an apartment instead of just jumping into owning a home in the MMORPG. Additionally, you can read Victoria's thoughts on the latest and long-awaited patch, Reflections in Crystal, and see what we thought of the new content.


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