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Final Fantasy XIV Peeks at PvP Changes Coming with Shadowbringers

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With the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers early access start just around the corner, developers are eager to share some of the big changes coming o the game. In a new article on the FFXIV Lodestone, readers get a peek at some changes coming to PvP and how new classes may change up the dynamic as well.

The article explains that Dancers and Gunbreakers will have a different set of tools in PvP than in PvE. This is the same as with all classes in FFXIV.

Other notable PvP changes include the removal of the TP system in PvP similar to what has been done in PvE. PvP Traits have been removed as well. Developers stated that this was due to so many choosing the same traits repeatedly. To provide more options, developers retooled "each roles' additional actions" or returned some that were previously removed.

PvP Actions Adjusted for All Jobs

All jobs have received a major PvP action rework in Patch 5.0. There will be brand-new actions as well as changes to old actions. Some jobs may find that their playstyle has changed quite a bit as a result!

Check out the full post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

You can also check out the preliminary patch notes for Shadowbringers.


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