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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.25 Releases October 18th, Fan Festival Information Revealed

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The wait for Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.25 is almost over, as the latest Letter from the Producer Live announced that we will be seeing it hit on October 18th. The patch brings more Hildibrand, as well as the Variant and Criteron dungeons.

The Live Letter last night showcased the upcoming content while also reflecting on Patch 6.2. The new 6.25 patch brings with it more Hildibrand adventures for players to enjoy. On top of that, Manderville Weapons are coming, as well as new dungeons in the forms of Variant and Criteron dungeons.

Also coming with Final Fantasy XIV's new patch are Omicron Tribal Quests, as well as the enhancement quests for the aforementioned Manderville weapons. For those looking for news regarding the ongong data center expansion that the FFXIVi team has been working on now for some time, the North American expansion was confirmed to be occuring on November 1st. In addition, the next housing lottery wll be happening on November 5th.

Also announced was the return of the in-person Fan Festivals. They are coming back in 2023, starting with Las Vegas in July. The Fan Festivals will also be held in London in October, with one also teased for early 2024. 

If you're curious about everything in the Live Letter, including learning more about the Scenario Team's development flow, check out Nova Crystallis' excellent write up.


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