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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Ends PvP Series 1 And Brings Major Changes to Tomestones

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Final Fantasy XIV PvP series one will be ending when Patch 6.2, Buried Memory, releases  in late August. There are also some changes to the Tomestones that are coming when 6.2 is out.

PvP Series 1 will close, but you’ll have until Series 2 ends to claim all your rewards. When a new series starts, your XP and level will reset and the award that you could possibly earn will  change. If you're not sure where you rank or what rewards you qualify for in the current PvP series, you can find out like going to your character menu and selecting your PvP profile.

When 6.2 arrives, there will be many changes, including a few to the Allagan Tomestones, a new type of tomestone, and changes to some of the existing stones. These are major changes and all Allagan tomestones of Aphorism, Allegory and Revelation will be removed. 

The changes are being announced now to give everyone a chance to prepare and for those who have the ones being removed, to exchange them. Players will not have a chance to exchange them for items. 

Players who have Allegory and Revelation stones are being encouraged to exchange them for stones of Poetics before 6.2 maintenance begins. Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation Just be removed from the game or availability, they will be removed from the possession of players who are currently carrying them. So get those exchanges in now. Those who have Aphorism stones will be able to exchange them for Astronomy stones after 6.2 is out. 

The new Tomestone will be Causality, which you can start obtaining after you reach level 90 with at least one class or two. Existing stones will also see some changes. The weekly cap of 450 Astronomy stones will be lifted, and tomestones of Poetics will be available through duties up to level 80 and some duty roulettes.  

For more on Tomestone changes, head over to Final Fantasy XIV.


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