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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15 Adds Quests, More Quests, a Hippo Cart Mount, and More

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Rolling out today for Final Fantasy XIV is patch 6.15, which brings several types of new quest content, including the Tataru’s Grand Endeavor side story, new tribal quests, and custom deliveries. Also in the update are new furnishings, recipes, items, titles, and fixes. Reversal of recent Black Mage PvP changes are also in this patch. 

Final Fantasy XIV is known for quests and story. There’s plenty of that in this update. There are two new Chronicles of a New Era quests for level 90+ characters that have completed the Endwalker main scenario quest. Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures continue here, with Hildibrand resurfacing once more.

With the Hildibrand return hinted at with Newfound Adventure’s announcements, there was also the matter of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, which also arrives today. You’ll have to have completed "Newfound Adventure", the main scenario quest, for this one, but if you have, then “Small Business, Big Dreams” will be open to your level 90s.

Custom deliveries sidequests are here too, with a few new ones added, including some with mysteries preserved in the patch notes. There's also a New Game+ chapter, Omega: Beyond the Rift. 

Beast Tribe quests are now known as “tribal quests”, and in this update, Arkasodara tribal quests have been added. The systems here will use a “quest sync” system to match the difficulty to your job and class levels. This applies to the main quests and the daily quests. Experience that you receive adjusts according to the sync level and if you begin certain quests with a certain class or job and then try to continue while playing with a different class or job, you might not be allowed to finish that way.  Once you obtain enough reputation and begin earning the currency pana from the Arkasodara, you’ll be able to trade for rewards. Two of these new rewards are the Hippo Cart mount and the Wind Up Arkasodara minion.

For more on the update, including items, furnishings, and some more quest details, read the full notes over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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