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Final Fantasy XIV Makes PvP Balance Changes, Removes Auto-Logout Idle Timer

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Update 6.11a for Final Fantasy XIV makes some adjustments to PVP, removes the idle auto logout, and addresses several Issues.

This patch doesn't add any new content but it marks the beginning of some tweaks to PVP actions for balance. There will be further adjustments coming in patch 6.15 that will change action functionality, but this week's patch is based on usage and win rate of the jobs that have their adjustments made.

The changes range from increasing damage for jobs like Gunbreaker and reducing damage dealt or decreasing reduction bonuses for ones like Red Mage. Black Mage gets an extensive list of PvP tweaks, with everything from some cast times reduced to making Paradox a charged action with a maximum of two charges. Overall, these changes are meant to help shore up some classes for viability and make a few less overpowered.

Crystalline Conflict also gets a helpful change, with players that are in the Crystal tier now able to get matched with those who have attained Diamond 3 (With 1 Rising Star) and up.

The update removes the auto-logout that was set to happen if a player was idle for 30 minutes.  this change was put in place as a way to help maintain server resources during times of increase activity. Now that population and server access has generally stabilized following Endwalker, Square Enix is removing it from use.

Other issues that the patch addresses include multiple descriptions that were wrong. Some of the attributes for actions had incorrect descriptions. The actions did function as intended, but because the descriptions were wrong, players wouldn't necessarily know what they were expected to do. Five abilities were fixed because of this problem, while a number of other actions were simply adjusted.

For the full notes, head over to Final Fantasy XIV.


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