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Final Fantasy XIV Launches Free Login Event Now Through January 14

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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If you've stopped playing Final Fantasy XIV for whatever reason but want to scratch that itch and see what you've been missing, Square Enix is giving you that chance. From now through January 14th, previous subscribers who have chosen to let their sub lapse can play FFXIV for five days during this month-long event.

Keep in mind - this is for those who have registered accounts, have been inactive for over 30 days and want to jump back in and see if they can get that spark going again. Those players who have left the game and are eager to try it out should take advantage of this, as the five day period gives you some breathing room to take your time and really see if you want to continue on after the free login period. 

It should be noted as well that accounts that were banned obviously won't be eligible for this promotion - your account needs to have been in good standing when your sub time passed. The five day timer does start the minute you log into the server - so you can't space out the five days throughout the month, so while you won't have to cram everything in within a short period, there is some urgency to get your full value from the free log in campaign. 

The log in even runs from December 13 through January 14th. You can check out more info on Square Enix's website here


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