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Final Fantasy XIV Is Gearing Up To Demolish Homes Again

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Housing is a bit of a sticking point for many players in Final Fantasy XIV, as houses themselves are hard to come by thanks to the amount of available plots and the overwhelming number of players who want one. And while apartments exist for those of us unable to buy into the Eorzean dream, one feature has always given long-time home buyers a chance at their dream: demolition.

Demolition itself was turned off back in December in response to the ridiculous queue times during the early days of Endwalker, but it seems Square Enix is ready to flip the switch back on for those bulldozers. Starting on March 9th, demolition will start to occur as normal, meaning if you want to keep your house, you're gonna need to visit every once and a while.

Depending on when you last entered your estate will dictate when the timer counts down from, according to Square Enix. Players who have entered at least once during the suspension period (meaning from December 5th) will see their timers reset. However, if you've neglected your estate since the suspensions were turned off, you might want to go pull some of the weeds as the timer for you will kick back off at what it was when the suspension started.

Victoria was lucky last year and was able to snag an estate, even though getting a house in Eorzea is a dizzying, privileged affair. Meanwhile, if you're eager to check out some of the land that might free up thanks to these demolitions and want some decorating ideas, be sure to check out Emily's housing tours for some inspiration


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