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Final Fantasy XIV Is Finally Allowing Steam Linking, Coming In March

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV players on Steam can start rejoicing, as Square Enix announced that Steam Version Account Linking was finally coming to the MMORPG.

It may not seem like much, but given that players on Steam currently can log in with any account and not necessarily the one tied to the Steam game license, it's a big move. Starting in March 2022, players will be prompted when launching FFXIV on Steam for the first time to upgrade to a new launcher. As a result, players will then need to link their Steam account and Final Fantasy XIV account. If all is kosher and the account licenses match - boom, good to go.

Additionally, the move would require players to launch the MMO from Steam instead of through the native launcher from the MMORPG itself. 

Starting in early March 2022, users who log in using a Steam version service account will be prompted to perform a one-time link of their Steam account to their Square Enix account. From then on, the Square Enix account will need to match the Steam account that launches the FINAL FANTASY XIV software. This change will require the FINAL FANTASY XIV software to be launched from the user’s Steam library. Additionally, once the account link has been performed, users will need to utilize the new launcher layout introduced with Patch 6.0. If using the “Original Launcher Layout” setting in the launcher Config menu, please switch to the “New Launcher Layout.”

In the meantime, players can take part in the ongoing Valentione's Day celebrations to get some neat swag for your Chocobo. Also, if you're looking to transfer off your current server for one that may be less congested, these transfers are re-enabled, though are facing congestion of their own. Finally, our resident Black Mage Victoria has laid out the lessons she has learned in a year of high-end raiding, in case you were wondering how her raids were going.


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