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Final Fantasy XIV is Back on Sale as Square Enix Opens Up New Oceania Data Center and New Servers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Keeping its promise to increase capacity for global service, Square Enix has opened a new Oceania data center for Final Fantasy XIV. This is the first step in the company‘s plans to increase capacity worldwide.

The new data center means five new servers all designated as new worlds, meaning that anyone that creates a character on the servers or transfers one over from a different region, will get special bonuses including double XP until level 80 (or 90 days minimum), and chocobo feathers. Any new character created during this bonus period will get 1 million gil and 15 days of free play time when reaching level 30 in any class.

There will also be free transfers for players, which should spread out demand a little bit as a first step. Efforts will continue in planned ways to increase capacity and balance access and demand. Since this will increase capacity and the company has been monitoring player data and login times, Square Enix has also resumed sales of Final Fantasy XIV. Sales have been suspended since December following the release of Endwalker and accompanying long login queues. Free trials are still suspended, however, but if you have some friends that still don’t own the full game and want to join, they can now do that.

The All Saints’ Wake in game event will be running until next week on February 2nd, bringing a bit of Halloween to January in the delayed event. If you're looking to find a new server home and decorate your in-game home with pumpkins and spookiness, you’re in at the right time.

For all of the details on the new Oceania data center, the new available servers for creating or transferring a character, and a rundown of the bonuses for new characters or transfer to the new servers, head to Final Fantasy XIV


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