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Final Fantasy XIV Introduces the Megashiba Mount Ahead of Producer Stream and 6.18 Next Week

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The next Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream will be tomorrow, but the team is already  getting ready for next week’s big update. 

Today, however, there’s a shop update with some new streetwear outfits and new mount available, the Megashiba. If the Fatter Cat wasn’t for you, and you aren’t in the mood for a chocobo, well now you have a loyal dog mount option to ride around. There’s a short showcase video showing off the new premium mount, as ridden by a Lalafell. So if you want to brighten your day with a cute new mount, they’re available for $24.

With a big update set for July 5th, this week’s announcements and fixes are minimal, but we’re nearly at the arrival of two new data center expansions, new and reassigned servers, and bonuses for starting new characters on the new servers or switching from a more populated server.

Square Enix has also published its latest round of RMT bans and updates. With both big new patches, new content, including more PvP, and features intended to help boost solo play, it isn’t a surprise that these numbers are up again. For the period of June 23-29th, there were 3,586 bans for participation in RMT/rule breaking. These numbers also include botting for RMT. RMT advertising also got over 1000 bans.

It is a quieter time before the next big updates, but with details expected tomorrow in the stream about 6.2, and the new update on Tuesday, expect things to ramp up quickly.

In addition to new data centers and servers, the Data Center Travel feature is coming, allowing players to play across data centers. And with new servers in Europe and the shuffling of some servers onto the two new Japanese data centers, there should be another round of housing lotteries in the near future once things are up and running.

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