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Final Fantasy XIV Has Hit 22 Million Registered Users, Releases New Trailer For 5.5 Death Unto Dawn Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy 14 has announced the long-standing MMO has hit the 22 million registered users milestone as the team released a trailer for the upcoming 5.5 patch coming April 13th.

FFXIV's next patch, Death Unto Dawn sets the stage for the upcoming expansion due out this year, Endwalker. The first part of patch 5.5 is slated to hit the MMORPG on April 13th alongside the open beta of the anticipated PS5 version of Final Fantasy 14. Today's Letter from the Producer LIVE, producer Naoki Yoshida talked about the upcoming 5.5 patch, including more information about the anticipated main scenario quests, the continuation of the Nier-flavored cross over, and the PlayStation 5 version of FFXIV.

Death Unto Dawn will see new MSQs drop, continuing the story of the MMO and setting the stage for the upcoming expansion, Endwalker, which is due out this fall. A new alliance raid, The Tower at Paradigm's Breach brings the next chapter ofthe Nier-themed YoRHa series to the MMO as well. Players will be able to take on Diamond weapon as well with the upcoming Sorrow of Werlyt questline reaching its conclusion.

For those looking for the finer things in life, crafters will be getting an update bringing new content with special achievements and unique crafting tools to 5.5. Ishgard's restoration is still in full swing, with FFXIV's 5.5 patch bringing gatherer and crafter quests to help with its restoration. The MMO's Explorer Mode, which  sees players able to travel through the various dungeons of Final Fantasy 14 without fear of attack, all for the screenshots, is being expanded as well to include level 70 dungeons. 

Final Fantasy 14's Letter from the Producer LIVE also gave some more information on the Digital Fan Festival coming on May 14-15th, including details that the keynote will be filled with Endwalker details, as well as a live concert from THE PRIMALS. 

Final Fantasy XIV has hit 22 million registered users thanks in part to its extensive free trial, which includes the content from A Realm Reborn and the MMO's first expansion, Heavensward. For those players looking to make the jump from PlayStation 4 to PS5, a free upgrade path is available to you as the Open Beta comes to the MMORPG on April 13th alongside the first part of this update. Also, in case you want to know a bit about the endgame, Victoria is actually having some fun in FFXIV's endgame content.


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