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Final Fantasy XIV Has Emergency Maintenance, Team Preparing a Hotfix to Boost Data Center Travel Stability

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The new Data Center Travel feature for Final Fantasy XIV continues to be popular, and after getting overwhelmed and temporarily disabled on release day, it has been up and running since some changes were made to meter access and stabilize the servers. In order to shore up stability again, there needs to be a special hotfix. The game also had to undergo an emergency maintenance to address trouble on cross-world features.

With a large and active community, Final Fantasy XIV introducing a feature like Data Center Travel was always likely going to see huge demand. The game has been steadily growing, and the past two years have seen “congestion” leading to some full servers and even the game being temporarily pulled from sale and the creation of new accounts put on hold when the release of the Endwalker expansion pushed things to the limit and led to long queues.

Overnight, an emergency maintenance was announced and occurred to address “cross-world functions” leaving the following down and disbanding any cross-world parties that were active when the game went down.

Party Finder / Chat

Cross-world Party / Chat

Party Finder Alliance / Chat

Cross-world Linkshell / Chat

Custom Match for PvP / Disband / Party Members Online Status / Chat

Cross-world Friend Request / Online Status / Chat

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While this maintenance will help, it is not all that has to happen. According to the most recent update about the Data Center Travel, demand continues to be high, and they’ve worked to keep the server loads from affecting the overall game stability by doing things like changing the system settings. 

Where they advised that transfers might take an extended period of time during peak even worked out better than initially expected. “We have been monitoring the situation since taking these measures and have confirmed that transfers are stable and completed within minutes even during peak login hours,” reads the update.  However, in order to update the client to increase stability, they’re working on a hotfix that is expected early next week.

Read the full update over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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