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Final Fantasy XIV Gets Update To Continue Stabilizing Servers for Data Center Travel

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Final Fantasy XIV got a new hotfix that updates the system settings to allow for greater server stability and capacity following the release and high demand on the Data Center Travel feature. This update is a hotfix that changes things a little bit in order to keep the game stable as demand fluctuates for the new feature.

Data Center Travel was a long-awaited and highly anticipated feature release, one that coincided with the opening of  new data centers in both Europe and Japan. Now, players are able to visit friends who play on different servers and play with them in a variety of options. With demand exceeding over 15,000 requests per minute when the feature launched, the team had to temporarily shut it down and restore access gradually. However, they continued to try to find a better solution that would address the stability concerns over a longer period.  One solution involves changing some of the server settings but would require a hot fix that the team promised for this week. Now, here it is.

Patch notes regarding the hotfix give some details about how they went about adjusting things to accommodate the demand for such a feature.

“To reduce the load on the Data Center Travel system, we have adjusted the communication interval with the server after selecting a World and pressing the Confirm button. As a result, there will be a wait time for obtaining information before the screen with the Execute button appears after selecting a World.”

This follows the original gradual reintroduction and reopening of the feature after demand was so high and now adding a little wait time before being allowed to travel seems like something that will continue to help performance while the feature remains so popular.

This patch also fixes another related issue that was preventing players viewing Adventurer Plates. You can read the update details and notes over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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